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Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition)

Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) 5 Valutazioni dei Clienti
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Valutazioni dei Clienti (5)
5 Valutazioni dei Clienti
4.4 di 5 stelle
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
  • Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) Immagine del prodotto
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Breve descrizione: Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition)
BikeCityGuide is the first bicycle App - especially for city + environment! Real time route calculation prefers bike-friendly ways. With precise voice messages and without active data connection, saves battery and roaming costs.
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Dettagli del prodotto: Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition)

  • Absolutely safe bike mount + Navigation App for Smartphones + free voucher code for a navi-city kit of your choice!
  • Awards:
    ISPO Brand New Award 2013,
    Fiets Innovatie Award 2014,
    Apps for Europe Award 2014
    EUROBIKE Award 2014
  • Incl. BikeCityGuide bike mount FINN - made in Austria:
  • Made of high-strength silicone (very stretchable and sturdy) - resists every shaking!
  • Quick mounting - suitable for every bike handlebars and every Smartphone!
  • Incl. BikeCityGuide cycle App + free voucher code for a navi city kit of your choice*:
  • Real time navigation with voice messages; prefers bike paths and side roads
  • Flexible routing algorithm calculates the optimal route from every location
  • Routing can be set from quick to comfortable
  • Navigation works offline - active data connection is not necessary (no roaming costs abroad!).
  • Insider bike tours across the city created by local cycle messengers
  • Create individual bike tours from a selection of sights
  • Records tours via GPS: overview of cycle time and distances
  • Displays speed and covered distance on the bike computer
  • Bike optimized map presentation
  • Maps are based upon data of OpenStreetMap (OSM)
  • *Overview of all activated, selectable cities (of it, among others, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, Vienna, Barcelona, and many more).
  • Compatible with Android (from 2.1.) and iOS systems like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (from 6.0)
  • BikeCityGuide App is available for free at diverse App-Stores like Google play, Apple App Store, etc.
  • Procedure "Download":
    1. Load the "BikeCityGuide" in your App store and select your city in the App.
    2. Click on "Installieren" (install), select the option "Gutschein" (voucher) and enter the voucher code provided in the product.
    3. After the download, your city is available without active Internet connection.
  • Every other city pack costs 4.49 € one-time - if not stated otherwise - or can be activated with the voucher code. Any city pack can be installed for free for testing and be used for 30 km.
  • Languages: German, English, French, Spanish
  • Bikes as well as Smartphones illustrated on product photos are not included in delivery!

Descrizione: Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition)

Developed by cyclists - for cyclists: The bike mount FINN and the navigation App for Smartphones!

More than 500 bike innovations were tested for functionality, reliability, and sustainability at the international bicycle trade fair EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen - the best ones of it were awarded with the EUROBIKE Award 2014. In the category 'bike accessoiries', the winner is FINN. The statement of the jury: "Als funktionell, effizient und leicht überzeugte uns diese zudem auch noch kostengünstige Halterung für Smartphones am Lenker. Da sie kaum Platz wegnimmt, ist sie besonders auch für die Verwendung bei Leihrädern geeignet." (Being functional, efficient, and light, it convinced us also by the affordable mount for Smartphones on the handlebars. As it is space-efficient, it is also great for use with lending bikes.)

The Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) fixes your Smartphone on each bike handlebars in a safe and stable way. The mount, made in Austria, resists everything - being of smart, simple design and made of high-strength silicone.

Real time navigation, bike tours, offline routing, and many more

Another highlight is the navigation App for Smartphones, which is especially designed for needs of cyclists in cities. No matter whether you want to discover the city or get navigated to a certain target: with the bike navi App of BikeCityGuide, you find the most bike friendly route, which prefers bike paths and side roads and avoids busy main streets. In addition, the bike navigation is accompanied by voice messages, which work exactly even for complicated turnings. It makes cycling across the city more comfortable and safer.

The BikeCityGuide Cycle-Navi-App knows many sights in every city, which you can discover on preset city tours. When you prefer more individual onces, you can also easily create your own tours.
Many functions of BikeCityGuide, especially bike navigation and route planning, can also be used without active internet connection. You save roaming costs abroad and the battery lasts longer.

The trade magazine PC Welt is also impressed by the BikeCityGuide App: "Das Zusammenstellen eigener Routen geht schnell von der Hand, das Routing-Profil lässt sich von "sicher" bis "schnell" variieren und die App berücksichtigt auch, ob der Nutzer mit City-Bike, Mountainbike oder Rennrad unterwegs ist. Zu allen Optionen stehen Erklärungen bereit, das Design ist sehenswert." (The creation of own routes is quickly done, the routing profile can be "safely" to "quickly" varied, and the App also considers whether the user is on the road with city-bike, mountain bike or racing bike. Explanations are given for all options, the design is worthwile.)

Condizioni di garanzia: Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition)

Per i consumatori finali é valida la garanzia in base alle disposizioni generali di legge.

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Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) nl da Joep al 10.12.2016 5
Doet precies wat het belooft. De gsm blijft keurig en stevig op de juiste plek zitten. Onder het fietsen kun je je gsm gewoon bedienen en bijv. je route bijstellen. En je kunt het heel eenvoudig aan het stuur vastmaken en loshalen.
Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) fi da Jyrki Laakso al 8.8.2016 4
Näppärä "teline", tosin yhdistelmä paksu ohjaustanko ja 5,5-tuumainen puhelin venyttää sen äärimmilleen. Yksi vastaava katkesi, kun yritin venyttää kuulokeliitännän yli. Silti puhelin pysyi kolmella kiinnityskohdallakin kiinni.
Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) de da Jax al 26.6.2015 4
Passt tatsächlich! Nach anfänglicher Skepsis, habe ich festgestellt, dass sogar mein galaxy note in die Halterung passt! Einfache Handhabung, günstig, universell einsetzbar! Auf allzu holprigen Stecken würde ich es aber nicht einsetzen, da es dann doch zu sehr an Lenker klappert! Für die Stadt perfekt.
Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) de da Andreas Brunk al 15.6.2015 4
Hält was es verspricht!
Bike mount FINN incl. bike-Navi-App (Sport-Tiedje Edition) de da Reiner al 1.7.2014 5
Super praktisch, leicht und preiswert, wenn man den Gutscheincode für eine stadt mit einrechnet.
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