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Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630

Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 2 Valutazioni dei Clienti
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Breve descrizione: Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630
Garmin Forerrunner 630: ideal GPS sport watch for competitive athletes and performance oriented runners, who want to achieve new targets and best performances.
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Dettagli del prodotto: Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630

  • Ultra light (44 g) GPS running watch with light colour display
  • Analysis functions
    • Heart rate display (digital ANT+ coded)
    • Speed display
    • Distance display
    • Calorie calculation
    • Tour recording
    • V02max estimation
    • Vibration alarm
  • Practical running functions for training control (i. e., interval training functions with vibration alarm, music functions)
  • Battery life up to four weeks in watch mode and 16 hours in training mode
  • Training functions
    • Virtual Pacer (compares the current pace with the target)
    • Auto Pause (stop watch is automatically stopped, i. e., when you stop at a light)
    • Auto Lap (sets any lap times as desired (i. e., after each km)
    • Walk-run-alarm
    • Auto Scroll (automated display of data pages during the training)
    • Time/distance/pace/heart rate alarm
    • Training effect (effect of an activity on the aerobic fitness)
    • Interval training (settings of training and break intervals)
  • Integrated acceleration sensor for indoor distance, pace, and speed
  • Performance and technologies
    • Dimensions: 45 x 45 x 11.7 mm
    • Display size: ø 31.1 mm
    • Display resolution: 215 x 180 px
    • Weight: 45 g
    • Battery: Lithium ions
    • Display: colour
    • Operating time GPS training mode: 16 hours
    • Operating time in watch mode: five weeks
    • Waterproof: 5 ATMm
    • PC/Mac data transmission: data cable
    • Time/date/alarm
    • Configurable display
    • 3D movement sensor
  • Online functions: Automated uploading on Garmin Connect, Live-Tracking, transfer via social media (compatible wiht iPhone 4S or higher; Android with Bluetooth LE)
  • Smart Notifications (displays emails, SMS, and other alarms, when linked with your compatible phone)
  • NEU: Integrated activity tracker
  • Activity functions
    • Pedometer
    • Automated target (learns how active the user is and gives a daily target of steps)
    • Inactivity alarm
    • Sleep monitoring and analysis
    • Compatible with Windows XP or later versions and with Mac OS X 10.4 or later versions; from iPhone 4S and Android from 4.3.3
    • Scope of delivery: GPS running watch, chargin/data cable, quick start guide, Premium heart rate chest strap (optionally as HR set)
    • Recovery timer for the ideal regenaration phase

Descrizione: Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630

Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630: ideal, for instance, for competition preparation

The Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 is your optimal companion during your preparation for different competitions and helps you to continue developing your personal best performances and records. The GPS sport watch determines your anaerobic threhsold so you can set even more precisely your heart rate zones on the watch. Due to the integrated touch screen, you can ideally read the most important information as for instance covered distance, burnt calories or respective lap times. Due to the integrated acceleration sensor, you do not need a separate running sensor, which records the distance during an indoor training session.

The Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 can be connected to the heart rate chest strap HRM-Run (separately available) and gives you important information about your running style. The chest strap measures your cadence, the vertical movement, and floor contact time. Further running efficiency data, which are recorded, are the balance of the floor contact time, the step length, and the vertical ratio, so that the Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 lets you know how efficient and balanced your running style is.

Due to the different aspects, i. e., the general training load, sleep, nutrition or daily stress in everyday life, your training success can be reduced. In combination with the heart rate, the Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 gives you a precise feedback, which training is ideal for your body. At the same time, the Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 serves as recovery guide after your training sessions. The GPS sport watch monitors the whole sleeping time and analysis it and gives you a feedback afterwards.

Free training plans for download and many more via the online platform Garmin Connect

Of course, the Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 can be connected with your smartphone and serves as message transmitter and displays reliably emails, SMS, and other alarms. Via the Garmin Connect platform as well as the Garmin Connect Mobile App, your training data can be easily loaded and analysed on the appropriate device. Via Garmin Connect, you have different possibilities to find the ideal addition to your training. You find training plans on the platform, which are developed by experts.

Condizioni di garanzia: Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630

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Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 nl da Hans Meijer al 17.2.2017 5 Variante: without chest strap
Voor de gevorderde loper zeker een super horloge met veel informatie waarmee je je kunt verbeteren. Maar zeker het overwegen waard voor elke hardloper. Voordelen: - lichtgewicht - duidelijk afleesbaar scherm - WiFi en bluetooth synchornisatie, geen computer meer nodig - Garmin connect - smartwatch functies - hartslagm... [continuare a leggere]eting via borstband super nauwkeurig - lange batterijduur Nadelen: - starten/stoppen van activiteit niet mogelijk als toestel vergrendeld is - geen stekker voor opladen waarop USB laadsnoer kan worden ingeplugd Dit was ik niet gewend op mijn vorige Garmin 405CX. Als deze was geblokkeerd kon ik nog start en stop gebruiken. Super handig. [meno indicazioni]
Garmin GPS sport watch Forerunner 630 pl da Maciej T. al 28.12.2016 5 Variante: without chest strap
To mój pierwszy zegarek do biegania. Przedtem biegałem z telefonem. Zegarek daje mi wszystkie informacje, które chciałem mieć w bardzo wygodny sposób. Ma ogromne możliwości personalizacji. Wybór ekranów podczas aktywności i dodatkowo można ściągnąć ze sklepu gotowe pola, tarcze zegarka czy aplikacje. Ze... [continuare a leggere]garek jest bardzo wygodny, można go nosić cały czas, nie tylko podczas aktywności sportowej. Jest bardzo lekki. Bateria wytrzymuje bardzo długo (u mnie około tydzień). Aplikacja mobilna też bardzo dobra. Zegarek się aktualizuje poprzez WiFi lub poprzez Bluetooth z telefonem. Sygnał GPS łapie szybciej niż telefon z włączoną transmisją danych. Powiadomienia na zegarek są całkiem przydatne, szczególnie podczas biegu. Pasek HR też jest wygodny, nie zsuwa się. Są też widżety, ale nie używam - można usunąć i ich nie widać. Nawigacja z dotykiem bardzo wygodna. W razie problemów z przypadkowym naciśnięciem guzików, łatwo można włączyć blokadę przycisków i dotyku. Wady? Podświetlenie ekranu wydaje się być słabe w porównaniu do ekranu smartfona, ale daje radę. Zegarek się wydaje bardzo plastikowy, ale przez to jest lekki. Podsumowując Polecam! [meno indicazioni]
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