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Valkee 2 light therapy headset

Valkee 2 light therapy headset 15 Valutazioni dei Clienti
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Valutazioni dei Clienti (15)
15 Valutazioni dei Clienti
4.73 di 5 stelle
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Dettagli del prodotto: Valkee 2 light therapy headset

  • Portable light therapy device: against season-depending depression
  • Activates directly the photo-sensitive areas of the brain
  • Clinically tested, CE certification class II for medical devices
  • Quicker effect than common light therapy lamps
  • Small, but can be used everywhere - and of stylish design
  • Operation environment:
    • humidity 30 % - 75 %
    • temperature: from -10 °C to +35 °C
  • Maximum lighting effect: 3.5 lumens, maximum permitted duration of treatment: 12 min
  • Power supply:
    • charged per power cable, provided
    • battery lifespan (fully charged): approx. 14 treatments
    • battery charge time: approx. 4.5 hours
  • Dimensions — Valkee 2 light therapy headset:
    • 80 x 40 x 15 mm
    • weight approx. 54 g
  • Delivery of — Valkee 2 light therapy headset:
    • Valkee Light Headset
    • USB power charge cable
    • user manual

Descrizione: Valkee 2 light therapy headset

No way for the winter blues: Valkee 2 light therapy headset

When days get darker and shorter, for many persons a time of suffering begins: the season-depending depression (SAD). According to surveys, about 33 % of people are affected by the winter depression in Germany — women get more frequently sick than men. The reason for this winter depression is the lack of daylight. Sunlight contributes to the production of the mood hormone serotonin and reduces the sleep hormone melatonin at the same time. Therefore, you feel more in shape and more attentive throughout the day in the summer. In general, the body releases melatonin when it is dark in the night so we get tired and sleep. When daylight is missing in autumn and winter, the body works in the rhythm it is used to. The results: sleepiness and lack of drive at day and craving for sweets.

Light therapy is scientifically approved

For decades, treatment with light as an approved type of therapy against winter depression. Light of a therapy lamp is absorbed with eyes for classic light therapy. Light stimulus are sent to the brain. These stimulus are not only absorbed by eyes. Indeed, light impulses can also be absorbed with ears ! Based upon Finish studies, the unique technology of Valkee developped. This light therapy device conducts therapeutically effective light directly via ear channel to light-sensitive brain parts and has a positive effect on symptomes characteristic for a winter depression: The energy level increases while need in sleep and feeling of hunger are reduced. Problems with fears and lack of concentration are improved.

Valkee 2 light therapy headset: 87 % if useres recommend it

Use is big, effort is low: Instead of spending an hour a day in front of a light lamp, 6 to 12 minutes a day are enough with a Valkee to absorb a mood elevating dosage of light. Thanks to the handy shape, the device can be always used everywhere. The modern design makes the device an attractive companion you don't want to miss. A reason, why Valkee is recommended by 87 % of users. Nowadays, shift and office workers with excessive work on pc as well as frequent flyers suffers from problems due to lack of light. Here, light therapy with the Valkee 2 light therapy headset can be of great help.
Documenti sul prodotto in PDF

Condizioni di garanzia: Valkee 2 light therapy headset

Per i consumatori finali é valida la garanzia in base alle disposizioni generali di legge.

Valkee 2 light therapy headset Test & Valutazioni:

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4.73 di 5 stelle
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Cosa ne pensano gli altri Clienti:

Valkee 2 light therapy headset de da Johannes al 22.11.2016 5
Von meinem TCM Arzt empfohlen, ich bin sehr zufrieden, finnisches Produkt, wird zur u.a. zur positive Mobilisierung ,Aufheiterung des Gemützustandes angewandt. Bin selber erst am Anfang, habe aber ein gutes Gefühl, 12 Minuten am Tag investestieren - das macht Sinn
Valkee 2 light therapy headset dk da Dorte al 15.11.2016 5
Valkee 2 lysterapi headset meget let at anvende og virker meget hurtig. Er super glad for, at jeg købte det.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset de da Fabienne al 3.10.2016 5
Ein sehr schön verarbeitetes Gerät. Mit Valkee kann ich egal wo ich mich befinde oder ob ich auf reisen bin, täglich dem saisonalen Lichtmangel entgegenwirken. Super handlich!
Valkee 2 light therapy headset dk da Jette al 12.4.2015 5
Super lækkert design og virkning efter en uges tid :-)
Valkee 2 light therapy headset de da Anonym al 16.3.2015 4
Das Gerät ist sofort einsatzbereit. Leicht zum Mitnehmen, da es leicht klein und handlich ist. Ich denke schon, daß es hilft. Akku soll 3 Jahre halten, austauschen kann man ihn nicht.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset de da Österreicherin al 4.3.2015 4
Valkee ist sofort betriebsbereit. Anwendungsdauer ist kurz, Wirkung gut, muß aber über längeren Zeitraum getestet werden. Akkutausch nicht möglich.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset dk da Hanne Frølund-Jess al 16.12.2014 5
Den er super, der bør blot ligge en vejledning vedr opstart.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset dk da Palle Lung al 28.11.2014 4
Spændende alternativ til lysterapilampe. Prisen lidt høj i forhold til produkt. Kabel kunne være kraftigere, evt. Med spiral. Infomateriale bør udbygges. Fiks at bruge om morgenen mens morgenmad tilberedes/indtages. Savner en lille lyd/bip når 12 minutter er gået.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset dk da Birthe al 22.4.2014 4
Valkee 2 er super let og enkel at anvende. Ligeledes transportabel og egner sig derfor fint til at medbringe og anvende på job, i bil, på cykel, på gåtur, på ferie eller hvor man nu færdes og har behov for lysterapi og øget energi.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset dk da Anne Mette, København al 16.2.2014 5
Super produkt. Kan varmt anbefales ved vinter-tristhed. Vær dog forberedt på hovedpine, kvalme de første par dage, men derefter går det hurtigt fremad. Allerede efter 7 dage kunne jeg tydelig mærke forskel. Bruger den 12 min. hver dag og vil blot ønske at jeg havde købt den langt tidligere.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset de da van Petra 10-02-2014, al 10.2.2014 5
Valkee2 is de beste investering die ik heb gedaan. Mijn slaapkwaliteit heeft zich duidelijk verbeterd, het is voor mij vooral een enorme energie-booster en weg met de winterblues en depressie. Ik begon met 12 minuten en gebruik Valkee2 nu 6 à 8 minuten per dag in overleg met mijn arts. Ik kan dit product alleen maar ... [continuare a leggere]aanbevelen. 5 grote sterren!!!! [meno indicazioni]
Valkee 2 light therapy headset de da Schröter al 4.1.2014 5
Benutze Valkee2 seit ca. 1 Woche und bin sehr zufrieden.Mein Wohlbefinden hat sich meines Erachtens gesteigert.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset de da Anonym al 29.12.2013 5
Das Gerät ist super einfach in der Handhabung und ist eine geniale Erfindung, Tageslichtmangel und damit verbundene Müdigkeit und Stimmungsschwankungen zu reduzieren.
Valkee 2 light therapy headset nl da Max al 22.12.2013 5
Ik heb erg veel last van winterdepressie. Ik heb de gok gewaagd en Valkee2 besteld. Binnen 2 dagen was ik van de symptomen van winterdepressie af! Ik gebruik hem dagelijks in de auto als ik naar mijn werk rijd. Dit is dus veel praktischer dan een half uur achter een daglichtlamp zitten. Ik kan dit product aan iedereen ... [continuare a leggere]aanbevelen. [meno indicazioni]
Valkee 2 light therapy headset dk da Anonym al 17.12.2013 5
Fantastisk - det virker!!! Top tilfreds med service og produkt.
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